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Why Law Firm Systems Began

When running a law firm, the priorities competing for your attention come at you from everywhere. Figuring out the biggest leverage points to focus on can seem like an impossible task.

Yet here’s the thing…

Whatever your situation may be with systematizing your firm’s operations, it’s rarely just one major problem holding you back. Instead, many issues are likely slipping under your radar right now.

Individually, they may not catch your attention. Put them together, however, and they quickly drain your resources, steal your time and even clog your cash flow.

All this while – to the average outsider – your firm looks like a healthy and thriving business.

This is exactly where I found myself at my law firm Hardison & Cochran in 1997.

My law firm was running me into the ground. The firm simply couldn’t run without me. I had to be the decision maker on every single decision in the firm. And as you know, that is no way to run a law firm.

My law firm was growing and honestly, I wasn’t sure if it could handle it.

On top of all that, I increased my marketing from $50k per year to $500k! How could my firm handle the growth?

The answer to my problems was already inside my law firm, I just didn’t know it. In fact, the answer was trapped inside the brain of every single employee. You see, the major issue that plagues most law firms (and probably your’s too), is being held hostage to your staff. If one staff member is out sick, goes on a long vacation, or quits – the effectiveness of your office nosedives. Also, consistency suffers when each staff member “has their own way of doing things”.

Creating a systemized law firm became my number one priority.

I tasked every single member of my team, from myself, all the way down to the receptionist, to document, step-by-step, every single job they performed daily.

Then, I created binders full of processes for each department in my firm.

You know what happened after that?

My law firm became more efficient! More organized.

The staff became empowered to find better ways of doing things.

And, I was no longer held hostage to staff members that quit, got fired or were out sick.

If someone needed to perform a job duty for a staff member that was out sick, they simply found the duty in the binder and were able to complete the task.

All this allowed me to become a better law firm owner and leader. Delegating tasks became easier, for myself and my managers.

Law Firm Systems is my 21st century solution for law firms that want to scale up and grow – without the pains and headaches that I experienced figuring it out the hard way.

Dedicated to your success,

Ken Hardison
President of PILMMA

Our Goal

Our goal at Law Firm Systems is to show fellow attorneys how to take control of their firms and build process independence. We help you design systematized processes and procedures, so you can have the freedom you desire and enjoy your success.

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Who We Are

Law Firm Systems is a step-by-step program for systematizing and growing your law firm. If you are a self-starter, you can choose to only use the online application. Or, if you need some help, pair the application with our consulting services to get the most out of your investment. Whatever you choose, the most important thing to remember is you have to begin somewhere.

We’re not business consultants who just feed you regurgitated information. We step into the trenches and help you develop a set of processes and procedures – specific to your law firm – for creating an efficient, stress-free practice.

Now, of course, you’re likely aware of things you should be doing differently in your daily operations. Yet we’ve found, in most cases, making these changes doesn’t really fix the underlying issue.

You see, most attorneys struggling to find more freedom think the answer to their problems is just working harder … or delegating more tasks … or spending more money on consultants …

The good news is, the problems that come with systematizing and growing your practice are much easier to fix – and you don’t need more time or technology to do it.

You just need the right partner and a proven process …

And that’s where Law Firm Systems comes into play.

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The Software

Law Firm Systems is based on an online software application that makes it easy for you to document your firm’s internal processes and procedures.

You can go through the program yourself (we provide tutorials), or we can work with you to implement it. You see, once you’re a member, you have instant access to a vault of time-tested processes and procedures specific to injury and disability law firms. Take what you want, change anything you need or start from scratch – it’s up to you.

As you go through the resources, you’ll begin to identify the problems preventing your law practice from running more efficiently. We give you the tools to fix these issues. Once your system is in place, anyone at your firm can login and access it. You can authorize certain areas and restrict access to others.

You get everything needed to systematize your law practice, so you can achieve growth and scale your business faster than ever before.

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The Benefits

When you have Law Firm Systems on your team, you’re never alone. We’re here for you with resources, tutorials, training and more – all aimed at helping you systematize your law practice and freeing up more time.

Explore our educational content, implement new ideas or give us a call for one-on-one help.

The statistics are alarming …

Just 4 out of 100 businesses survive past the 10-year mark. And in the legal field, the few firms that beat the odds and succeed often hit a wall. They reach a certain point and start having problems with smooth and consistent work flow. If you’re afraid to leave your office for extended periods of time … or often feel you’re operating at capacity … or dread the day a certain employee or two decides to leave your firm …

Your law practice’s future is at risk. That’s why we created this quick downloadable guide to show how simple it can be to take control of your law firm’s operations.

When you read through the guide, you’ll discover …

  • Why most lawyers who try to document their processes and procedures end up failing (and, as a result, give up on their goals too early)
  • The 4 key functions of an efficiently run law practice and what must be systematized in each one to make accomplishing objectives easier
  • A single document that – based on a Harvard study – increases the likelihood of building a firm you can sell by at least 300%
  • How to use one question to figure out an ideal system outcome for almost every part of your law practice
  • The system secret for making your employees more efficient and satisfied, while embracing even the most routine tasks
  • And much more

The tips in this guide are easy to understand, simple to implement and designed to give you an instant advantage.

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